More than 47 million Americans over the age of 30 have gum disease. If you’re one of them, gum disease therapy can prevent the infection from spreading and preserve your oral health for years to come. At Blue Palm Dentistry, cosmetic and general dentist Davide Gottardi, DMD, offers gum disease therapy to people of all ages.

Gum Disease Therapy Q & A

What is gum disease therapy?

Gum disease therapy treats infections of the gum tissue. There are several types of gum disease, but at Blue Palm Dentistry, Dr. Gottardi focuses on two:


Gingivitis is an infection of the gums that results in swelling and irritation. When caught early, it’s possible to manage and even reverse with good oral hygiene and routine dental exams.


Periodontitis occurs if gingivitis is allowed to progress. Over time, it causes your gums to pull away from the teeth, forming pockets where harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar can collect. Without prompt treatment, periodontitis increases the risk of more serious oral health problems, including gum recession, loose teeth, and bone loss.

What are the types of gum disease therapy?

At Blue Palm Dentistry, Dr. Gottardi offers several types of gum disease therapy, including:

Scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing is an outpatient procedure that treats mild or moderate gum disease. During treatment, Dr. Gottardi removes plaque and tartar from beneath your gum line and the surfaces of your teeth. Afterward, he smooths your tooth roots, allowing your gums to reattach.

Often, scaling and root planing takes one appointment. For more severe infections, Dr. Gottardi might recommend a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart.

Antibiotic therapy with Arestin®

If scaling and root planing aren’t enough to minimize your symptoms, Dr. Gottardi might recommend antibiotic therapy with Arestin.

During Arestin therapy, Dr. Gottardi places small, implantable microspheres beneath your gums. Over time, the microspheres dissolve and release medication that eradicates harmful bacteria. The process minimizes inflammation and allows your gums to heal.

What type of gum disease therapy will benefit me?

To determine the type of gum disease therapy that will most benefit you, Dr. Gottardi conducts an oral exam and asks about your symptoms. Afterward, he takes a series of oral X-rays to determine the severity of the infection and to assess the health of your jaw and alveolar bone.

After gathering the necessary information, Dr. Gottardi develops a custom care plan to align with your needs. That might include scaling and root planing, antibiotic therapy, or a combination of both. 

If you’re concerned about periodontal disease, make a gum disease therapy appointment at Blue Palm Dentistry. Call the practice to speak with a member of the support team or click the online booking tool.